Friday, October 14, 2011

The Unofficial York Fair Knitting Checklist

Here are all of the things that can be knit for the York Fair, according to the premium book on the fair website.
Needlework is Department 18 and is judged "with regard to beauty, degree of perfection, amount of work, and suitability for the purpose for which it is intended." This will be the list I'll reference to decide what to knit for the fair next year. I didn't include things like felting (I can't felt in my washing machine) and homespun (I don't know how to spin.)

1.) Bedspread
2.) Carriage Robe
3.) Pillows, no bed pillows
4.) Doll
5.) Doll clothing
6.) Household accessories
7.) Christmas
8.) Christmas stocking
9.) Stockings
10.) Jacket
11.) Purse
12.) Hat
13.) Scarf
14.) Eyelash scarf
15.) Shawl
16.) Cable sweater
17.) Bulky knit sweater
18.) Fair isle sweater
19.) Cotton sweater
20.) Short sleeve pullover
21.) Long sleeve pullover
22.) Vest
23.) Cardigan
24.) Children's coat
25.) Children's dress
26.) Children's mittens
27.) Children's hat
28.) Children's cardigan
29.) Children's pullover
30.) Children's vest
31.) Infant booties
32.) Infant bunting
33.) Infant cap
34.) Infant dress
35.) Infant Christening outfit
36.) Infant sweater
37.) Afghan: solid color
38.) Afghan: ripple
39.) Afghan: children's

For all of these categories, there's an "other" category as well. You know, in case I knit something that isn't covered in the almost-40 categories. Some of these, I think, are a little antiquated. Like a carriage robe? And what's a bunting?

For what it's worth, it'll be fun to see how many I can knit before next August.

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