Saturday, October 29, 2011

Destash goals, refined

I ended up ordering more yarn to knit a hat for my cousin Sydney for Christmas. The hat yarn ended up costing just as much as a hat from Justice. Maybe I should have just bought a hat for her...

Along with the yarn came another $5 store credit to EatSleepKnit. I will probably use this before Dec. 30 of this year, possibly on Black Friday, and hope I don't get another one. This will be my last yarny hurrah before the Great Yarn Fast of 2012.

I've managed to obtain buttons for the baby sweater and I found a closely matching embroidery floss to sew the sweater together. Somehow I keep screwing up the sleeves and sewing them on inside-out. I feel like a confused and demented person. There's a very specific way the sleeves need to be sewn on. If they're sewn on the wrong way, the seam is on the wrong side and the neck placket is the wrong way. It's really a big, convoluted mess. I've hacked sleeves off the sweater about three times now. My confusion might have something to do with working 65 hours a week and being perpetually exhausted.

Here are some rules for Yarn Diet 2012:
1.) I will not buy any yarn for any reason in 2012 because I have more than enough yarn as it is. I'm getting a new car and I need to learn how to be a financially responsible adult.
     a.) The last yarn purchased will use the remaining $5 store credit I have through EatSleepKnit.
2.) I will start the year by trying to finish projects already started.
     a.) I will finish an afghan I started, frog a sweater I started in order to make another sweater, and finish the lace shawl that is sitting and waiting for an edging.
3.) I will continue the year by knitting Christmas dishcloths (around March or April.) I will only knit as many dishcloths for the cotton yarn I have. No new cotton will be purchased.
4.) If I don't have enough yarn to make a pattern, I'll pick a different pattern.
5.) I'll rely on free patterns as much as possible. Purchasing books, magazines or patterns IS allowed.
6.) Purchasing needles and other notions (buttons, canvas, zippers, hooks, etc.) is also allowed.
7.) I will organize my craft area in the spring to make it easier to find yarn and supplies I need.
8.) I will participate in SKA's Sockdown as often as possible to knit down my supply of sock yarn.
9.) I will not make trips to buy yarn (no special stops in Philly, New York, or wherever I might go in 2012.)
10.) I will knit something to submit to the fair
11.) I will knit something I like and keep it for myself.

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