Monday, January 18, 2016

Cold sheeping

I'm reading a thread on Ravelry about knitters making commitments to destash in 2016.

I've always made this commitment early in the year, and it inevitably gets derailed by the time my birthday rolls around.

Not all of my sock yarn. Just the brightly colored stuff.

On Ravelry, you can calculate the yards of yarn you have and convert that to miles. The knitters on the thread I'm reading have 25 miles of yarn. 92 miles of yarn. 125 miles of yarn. The most I saw was 180 miles.

I feel like I have a lot of yarn. I could knit more than 30 pairs of socks without buying a single skein. However, I only have about eight miles. 14,737 yards. It's really difficult to wrap my brain around owning 180 miles of yarn.

I used to have a hard time carving out time to knit, but last year I finished two pairs of socks, a sweater, a shawl and a hefty pile of dishcloths. This year, I've already finished a hat, and it's only the third week of January.

My strategy is to knit hats and cowls for family members out of the sock yarn I have. I'm a weirdo, so I've written a spreadsheet, complete with the person I'm giving a hat and cowl to, the yarn I'll use, and the pattern I'll try. I'm sick of socks. They take too long and it's like knitting the same pattern twice in a row, which is boring. Maybe I'll find some new inspiration in 2016 and bust my stash for good.