Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dishcloths galore

Here are some statistics about my dishcloths. I've been tweeting about them lately because I'm addicted to Twitter right now:

- I have 15 dishcloths done. 11 are in the picture and four were wrapped up because I was experimenting with my packaging.
- I have 1/3 of a dishcloth on the needles now.
- I have enough yarn left to make about 47 more dishcloths, but I only need 13.
- If I knit one dishcloth every other day until Christmas, I can get them done on time.
- I've been averaging 1 1/2 dishcloths per day since last week.
- With 15 dishcloths, I'm 53% to my goal of 28 dishcloths.
- When I started working on them last week, I was only 32% to my goal.
- Each dishcloth is 77 rows long and takes 1,794 stitches to make.

I’ve been tying the odd ends of my skeins together and winding them into a giant ball. With each 2-ounce skein I usually have 3 to 7 yards of yarn left at the end of every skein. When I start making dishcloths from that, it’ll be pretty horrendous. The picture is all of my yarn ends from every dishcloth I've knitted for the past four years tied together into one ball. It's sitting next to a regular two-ounce ball of yarn. I'll probably make a set of dishcloths for my mom out of the yarn ends from my giant ball. She likes my weird, multi-colored dishcloths. I'm trying to organize my dishcloth making in ROYGBIV color order so the color changes in the giant yarn ball aren't so obvious.

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