Friday, December 2, 2011

SSSSHHHH! It's a secret.

If you are my husband, don't read this.

A couple days ago, I started knitting a new wallet for my husband using some of the Berroco Suede I got from Yarn Basket in Chambersburg. I'm planning to give it to him as a Christmas present, since it might not be done by his birthday. I have three more skeins of Berroco Suede to use after that. My friend Kevin might get a wallet and Mike might get two more wallets. I love the pattern and the yarn is really unique. And I'm officially on my yarn diet.

Anyway, my husband is one of THOSE people. His birthday is a week before Christmas, so I have to get ALL of his birthday presents and ALL of his Christmas presents at once. I'm a cool wife, though, and don't make him wait until Christmas to get all of his presents. Instead, I'll get him random presents throughout the year. Maybe he likes that better. I'd hate to have my birthday so close to Christmas.

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