Saturday, November 5, 2011

An exhausting day

Today I worked at the retail establishment from 5 a.m. to almost noon. I was supposed to leave at 9, but there was a lot of shipment and the stockroom is an absolute mess. Keep in mind, I had hopped into bed 3 hours before I headed into work. So armed with two hours of sleep and two cups of coffee... I was still pretty tired.

In the stockroom, there are boxes of giftsets piled all over the place in a weird cardboard box labyrinth. We also had a new girl working. For every pair of pants she put on a hanger, I hung three pairs. She just needs to learn how to move quickly and to understand that corporate allots a certain amount of hours for management to give to the employees. (A lot of people who have never worked retail don't understand this. Especially the people who wait in line at the grocery store and wonder why they don't open another register. They're understaffed, morons. Have some compassion.) I'm also convinced the people who make up the times for the boxes of shipment have never worked a shipment shift in their lives.

My husband was a saint today. After I came home, positively dragging, he tucked me into bed. A half an hour before I woke up, he had gone to one of our favorite sandwich places and purchased lunch. I didn't have to worry about making something to eat or worry about oversleeping.

I was still dragging at work, round 2, so I took a visit to the nearby Starbucks and got a triple latte. Thank goodness we turn back the clocks tonight. I could really use the extra hour.

The other day, I was knitting and I watched two new fairy tale TV shows. I watched "Grimm" (which I think is an NBC show) and ABC's "Once Upon a Time." They had been featured on NPR when I was driving to work one day, and I found them on Hulu to watch. I'll definitely continue watching them, even if they're not that great to knit to. They're kind of suspenseful and (especially "Once Upon a Time) colorful.

I'm still working on the gray hat and I found some glitter-covered boxes at Target for Christmas gifts this year. They'll be nice to pack stuff in with some tissue paper, but I had the cashier pack them in a separate bag because they shed glitter EVERYWHERE!

It's been a bit of a bummer at the newspaper for the past couple days, what with the PSU coach scandal. I tried reading the grand jury testimony and it just made me sick. How that can even be dismissed by fans or considered appropriate or acceptable is completely disturbing.

And now a joke that one of my facebook friends posted on her wall:
Q: How did the hipster burn his tongue?
A. He tried to drink his tea before it was cool.

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