Sunday, January 1, 2012

The holiday haul and other tales

New year, new socks

I'm making some new socks for my brother. At my Christmas shindig, he brought me a pair of socks I knit him five years ago. The toe was entirely chewed off, the heel was in the same condition, and there were random holes all over the bottom of the foot. To be fair, they were one of my first pairs of socks. To be unfair, he wore them to work in his sneakers and walked around with them on his feet for eight straight hours. I think I'm going to give him the pair of socks along with a pair of toenail clippers for his 21st birthday.

In other news, for Christmas, my darling loving husband got me a Kindle. It's the normal, black and white Kindle, and it's perfect. I immediately downloaded Tolstoy's Anna Karenina for free and started reading it. It's good for being Russian literature. I've tried reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky multiple (really, at least seven) times and I can never get through it. Russian literature reminds me of my friend Devon. We used to swap books and Crime and Punishment was his favorite book. I wonder if it still is. We fell out of touch long ago.

Anyway, I made an account on this website called Shelfari, and set a goal for myself to read 20,000 pages this year. I think it's attainable. I read 15,000 pages one summer when I was in middle school. My mom made it a bit of a contest. At the end of the summer when my whole family went to Hersheypark, my mom got me a really big candy bar as a reward for reading so many pages. It was pretty fun.

My husband also got me a swift and ballwinder. I already wound all of my yarn into yarncakes (see photo for some orange yarncake action,) and since I'm on a yarn diet, it looks like I won't be using my swift and ballwinder for a while. I've been told winding your yarn from the skein stretches it out and makes it less elastic. I'm not sure I really care. I had a good bit of fun winding yarn and it's going to be knit into something someday.

Also under the Christmas tree for me was a brand new knitting bag! I was really excited because I've been looking for a purse, but I'm so picky about purses. They can't be too shiny. They have to have a good amount of pockets, but not too many. They can't be too small, but they have to be big enough to hold all of my stuff, but still not look like a mom purse, but not be a complete cavern where I lose all my stuff. They can't be a ridiculous trendy color, but they can't be too boring. Mike got  me the perfect bag. It's from Namaste, which is a company that makes knitting bags. But I've had the best time putting my other stuff (including my Kindle and my knitting projects) in my new bag. It's a lovely eggplant purple color. I've gotten many compliments on it.

I still have some time off work, which I'll probably spend knitting, reading and cleaning. I'm also going to try to start running regularly again. Running feels so good, but I never have time for it. Everyone who starts exercising regularly is all, "You can always make time to exercise!" Uh, no. Then I would be dragging my butt around, exhausted.

Whenever I don't post for a while, my posts are extra long. The next time I post, I'll try to keep it short!

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