Saturday, December 17, 2011

Supercute toddler hat and the end of my christmas knitting (almost)

So my husband and I finished a third had for another cousin of mine. It's the Tri-corner Baby Hat by Patricia McGregor. The hat has 120 stitches around, and at the end, sets of 40 stitches are divided and folded and bound off with a three needle bind-off. Then, you make little tassels and attach them to the corners and they flop around like little pigtails.

I showed my mom my creation, and she said it reminded her of Abby Caddabby some sort of fairy character on Sesame Street.

The hat is knit from a pink, dark purple and brown self-striping yarn, sort of the same colors as Abby Caddabby's pigtails.

My family's Christmas gathering starts in about 13 hours and I still have one beer cozy to finish, a whole beer cozy to make, and all of my Christmas presents to wrap. I'm not too stressed about it because I'll just head home after work and finish it up before I go to bed. No biggie!

Edit: So I was reading back through some of my blog posts and I realized I only post about six or seven times a month. I feel like I post so much more often than that, but it looks like I only have time for a little more than a post a week. It's not like anyone reads this blog anyway, which is fine. I just like tracking my knitting progress on here for my own benefit, and won't make a concerted effort to post more often.

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