Friday, August 23, 2013

Mike's Superhero/Villain afghan

Superhero/Villain Afghan
By Mike Rupert

The idea for creating this afghan came from a desire to create something that reflected my interests. After creating three afghans from pattern books, I wanted to create my own pattern.

I found the Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Captain America, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four, and Dead Pool patterns online, and they ended up in the blanket. It was a good foundation, but not enough for a full afghan. I used the 50x50 chart from the patterns I’d already found, uploaded it through some photo editing software, and cleared out all the color. I was then able to create all the other patterns you see on the blanket by filling in each individual square on the blank chart to create the other squares need for the blanket.

The superheroes were the easiest to create and knit because most superheroes have a simple logo I could use to identify them in the afghan. The villain side was not as easy as most villains don’t really have a simple symbol so I had to convert facial pictures into patterns. Some worked well enough to put in the blanket, but many others didn’t.  For instance, I created three different Joker squares before creating a plain text one that appears in the blanket; same with Loki as well.

Size: 6 feet by 4 feet
Materials: Various colors of worsted weight acrylic yarn. I found all colors in big chain craft stores. It wasn’t anything fancy. You can use whatever fiber makes you happy.
Needles: Size US 9 straight needles
Notes: Each square is 50 stitches by 50 rows. After the squares are knitted, they’re sewn together with black yarn. The afghan has two sides that are sewn together to hide unsightly ends and knots!